E-Commerce Management Solutions

Due to varying client's needs, BaConSol's eCommerce Managed Service was born to keep clients’ online business smoothly running. Supporting a thriving eCommerce business requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the website and its underlying infrastructures. Our managed services are designed to free up your resources and maximize your investments.

BaConSol offers customized Website Maintenance and Management activities which includes:

Website Content Update

Let's help update products and information pages on your e-commerce website.

Graphic Design

Don't have a graghic artist or a staff with graphics knowledge? We can help design banners for your website and social media platforms so as to keep them fresh and active.

Website Administration and Technical Support

We help maintain, improve, and troubleshoot all technical aspects of your e-commerce website. Let BaConSol help manage all aspects of running your website backend so you can focus on the things you know best.

Social Media Management

Let BaConSol help keep your audience engaged on the various social media platforms by posting contents regularly and attending to responses

Digital Marketing and Advertising Management

Let's employ optimization, reportings, and online marketing campaign management for your e-commerce online store.

Email Marketing Management

We help create targerted email lists and highly engaging and converting email campaigns. We will also design and send beautiful email newsletters.