Essential Back Office Support For Your Busy Office

Back office support refers to that portion of a business that is responsible for running the business rather than actually working with customers or making a profit.
Back office support is the opposite of front office work, which refers to the more direct money making part of a company.

If a part of the company deals directly with customers, it is in the front office and it is in the back if it doesn’t.

Back Office Support | Managed Services | BaConSol Nigeria
Works as an extension of your office/business letting you refocus on your business. Our Virtual Assistants remotely performs secretarial/administrative tasks.
We can effectively become “Your Remote Local Office” helping cut cost, while improving productivity.

Through outsourcing back office services, employer can save HR stress, cost of infrastructure, office space, financial load etc.
Back office services are almost associated with all type of businesses where it is in form of non-core activities and staffs often invest their time and efforts to tackle them.

Why not outsource it to those, who have specified skill sets. Here BaConSol could be your best option. 
Let BaConSol help cut cost, while collaborating with you so you don’t have to take the burden of hiring extra staff, infrastructural cost and other miscellaneous expenses.

BaConSol provides Back office support & Managed services to businesses and organizations in the following areas;

Why Choose BaConSol?

With many clients satisfied with our support services, Here are some reasons why:

Let BaConSol handle it all while saving you up to 60% on what it would have cost you in-house.
Save your precious time as our efforts will save you lots of time, thus letting you further concentrate on core aspects of the business.

We are flexible so as your business changes, our fully scalable services will evolve to meet your needs, whether you require increased capacity or new services.