CMS Site Migration & Security Upgrade Services

Securing your website before its too late is a smart move. With demand for increasing website functionalities and with websites becoming more complex than ever, security issues becomes an important factor. With more websites now based on Content Management Systems (CMS) which are regularly updated by their developers.
Websites which are found still running on outdated CMS often becomes targets of hackers and malware. For this very reason, CMS migration to latest version and security loophole fixes are necessary. CMS migration is not always easy nor very straightforward, especially if the site is based on very early versions of CMS. Certain custom fixes, checking and providing various tailored solutions fittest for each site are often needed. At BaConSol, we offer such migration and security fixes.

BaConSol's Joomla site migration service includes upgrading your outdated Joomla site, extensions upgrade needed for compatibility or we even redevelop them for you. With 100% Style match with old site and mobile friendly

Running Joomla! 1.0.x or 1.5.x on your wesite, it is recommended to migrate Click here to read Joomla's version history.
The migration, however, needs be performed with caution and through expert professionals knowledge, as failure to take necessary precautions might lead to risk of loosing data or making the site dysfunctional.

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